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 Spoils of war chart

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PostSubject: Spoils of war chart   Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:05 am

Spoils of War / Rankings
After the battle, regardless of winning or losing the battle, you will get some Exp and Ring.
The amount of Exp will be proportional to the time you partixte in the battle.

Partixtion Time Modifier
100%~80% 1
80%~60% 0.8
60%~40% 0.6
40%~20% 0.4
20%~0% 0.2

In addition to the time modifier, there is also a modifier for the losing side, the total damage to the enemy’s morale bar.
0.5 + damage to enemy’s morale bar(%) /2

In additional that, your battle rankings will also add bonuses
For every S rank: +25%
For every A rank: +20%
For every B rank: +15%
For every C rank: +10%
For every D rank: +5%
For every E rank: +0%

For Ring rewards
Winning = 4 Rings, Losing =3 Rings
The same Time Partixtion modifier applies

Your Rank (number of Stars you have) will add to number of Rings you earn (note, losing side will not have this bonus. If your partixtion time is lower than a certain percentage, you will note get this bonus: exact percentage is unknown)
For 5 Star: +2
For 4 Star: +1
For 3 Star: +1
For 2 Star: +0
For 1 Star: +0

In additional that, your battle rankings will also add bonuses
For every S rank: +3
For every A rank: +2
For every B rank: +1
For every C rank: +0
For every D rank: +0
For every E rank: +0

Every battle, you will get ranked for your performance in many categories. By pressing onto each different heading, you will be ranked different (yes, you can be ranked for your deaths!)
Rank Player Damage Structure Damage Kills Contribution Crystal
S 20000+ 30000+ 20+ 500+ 200+
A 10000+ 15000+ 12+ 300+ 120+
B 6000+ 9000+ 8+ 150+ 80+
C 3000+ 4000+ 5+ 100+ 50+
D 1000+ 1500+ 3+ 50+ 30+
E 0 0 0 0 0

Do not get blinded in trying to get a higher rank on Player Damage, or Kills. S ranks are extremely difficult to get (I personally have only gotten 16k for Player Damage and max of 8 kills) and winning the battle will be a better choice.

In addition to rankings, you get titles for being top 3 within each category (yes, even for deaths). Although these titles don’t serve any purpose, it looks pretty bad if you have the top deaths title. There are other titles for getting A rank/S rank but not being placed in the top 3, but I’m not sure the exact requirements (I have gotten A ranks a few times and still don’t have some of the titles). There are titles for summons and constructing the Obelisks, as well as some non-Nation battle related titles.

Total Score
Your Total Score determines your Star Rank:
For 5 Star: 300+
For 4 Star: 150~299
For 3 Star: 80~149
For 2 Star: 30~79
For 1 Star: 0~29

To gain Total Score
For every S rank: +3
For every A rank: +2
For every B rank: +1
For every C rank: +0
For every D rank: +0
For every E rank: +0

For being placed within top 10 for each category:
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
+ 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

For each time you summon = +1
For each time you die= -1

Crystal/ Contribution Points are probably the easiest of all the categories to get A or S ranks. Since getting to 5 Star will increase the number of rings you gain, it is probably the best idea for you to sit at the crystal when you’re low level (since its probably very hard for you to get high rank for Player Damage at that level) but even then you will have to pretty patient. If you cannot stand sitting at the crystals, then avoid dying needlessly and summoning Knights will probably be your best options to increase your total score.

Nation Mission
Each week, there are Nation Missions. You (by you, I mean the whole entire Kingdom) have to hold and defend a certain territory on the Central Island by the end of 8 hours. There are a total of 20 Missions each week, and if you complete 12 of them, then there would be a Nation Shop for that week. If you do not complete the missions in time, then the Nation Shop will be empty.

Nation Shop
Nation Shop offers random equipment each time. The items cost both Gold and Ring. It usually offers equipment that have higher stats than regular shops at the same level, (Level 30 staff that has level 40 attack power) but it is often very hard to collect a full set of gear from the nation shop. Sometimes you will have similar items the next week, or might not even have a nation shop at all (thus another reason why you should help out with the nation missions whenever possible)

nuts I think the spaces that suppose to separate the numbers in the Rankings table didn't work =x looks a bit messy, but hopefully you can see it. If not I'll copy and paste it:

Player Damage
S rank 20000+
A rank 10000~19999
B rank 6000~9999
C rank 3000~5999
D rank 1000~2999
E rank: 0~999

Structure Damage:
S rank 30000+
A rank 15000~29999
B rank 9000~14999
C rank 4000~8999
D rank 1500~3999
E rank 0~1499

S rank 20+
A rank 12~19
B rank 8~11
C rank 5~7
D rank 3~4
E rank 0~2

Contribution Points
S rank 500+
A rank 300~499
B rank 150~299
C rank 100~149
D rank 50~99
E rank 0~49

Crystal Mining
S rank 200+
A rank 120~199
B rank 80~119
C rank 50~79
D rank 30~49
E rank 0~29

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Spoils of war chart
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