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 savanna pn FEZ forums

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PostSubject: savanna pn FEZ forums   Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:59 am

I don't have sympathy for Savanna. I remember a while back while I was mining crystals that she said anyone with the P (party symbol) is saboteur because this guy with a P next to his name was mining with us. Even though he was trading me crystals and asking me what to do...

Ever since that day... I dunno. I think she's full of BS.
My question to Hordaine players is: Do you guys disagree with his lag switching way? Or do you guys blindly accept his presence on your team and allow him to disrupt the balance of the game?

Recently I have joined war where Savanna was on my team. With a group of 10 players, I wanted to try vote kicking Savanna out because I did not want his lag switch to cause unfair grief to the other team, much like how I have kicked skywalkers on my team out of respect for my enemy.

However as soon as the vote option pops up on the screen, everyone on the team yelled out against the vote kick and immediately defended Savanna like he's Hordaine's most respected player or something. Which led me to believe that Hordaine as a majority accepts Savanna.

Prove me wrong please? lol i laughed for minutes at this just proves tht savanna is hordaines secret weapon/god
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PostSubject: i agree   Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:03 pm

Yeah its funny that when savana is around alot of hordaine people, never "lags"

i been in a one on one and as soon as all her teamies left in the war, started moon walking and blames it on lag...

i reckon its a bunch of bs and hord needs to learn how to play without ppl who use dirty tacticts
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savanna pn FEZ forums
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